Documentary (or natural) photography isn’t posed. That’s the main difference between what I do, and ‘traditional’ wedding photography. It’s a natural, relaxed approach to documenting your wedding.  My photographs will show real moments, you and your guests enjoying your day rather than posing for a camera.  There will be no cheesy smiles or unnatural poses and your weddings photographs as a result will show natural emotions and reactions.

So it’s not about bossing and arranging people around, for hours on end.  I will always capture the group shots you want but I’m sure you’ll find the images that are natural and spontaneous are the one you will love.  The pictures that I’m proudest of are all about reactions and intimate moments – I really don’t think you can stage them!


From the start of the day, I’ll be working close-up to get a more authentic, intimate view of your wedding: you’ll know I’m there but I won’t be in your way.  During the ceremony, speeches and dancing I’ll be moving about at the right times to get all the action  – by this point you will have probably forgotten all about me. My approach lets you have fun and be yourself – it’s as simple as that!

And that’s what documentary wedding photography is—an honest, natural story.  If you want this for your wedding please get in touch. Please have a look a my FAQ section to answer any questions you may have.

Melissa Maloo – Natural Wedding Photographer – Nottingham.