“Melissa – they are so beautiful thank you so much we love them!
The problem is we now can’t choose which ones to frame because there are so many good ones! Xxx”

“Ladies and gentlemen – welcome to Pounderfest!

“Give it up for your festival organisers… the newly-weds, Terry and Leonie Pounder!”

OK, so I’d been looking forward to this wedding for months – a beautiful church ceremony, with a festival reception just a stones throw-away. I mean, what’s not to like? I’m an outdoorsy, flowers-in-the-hair kinda gal, and we were in the middle of the best British summer ever, so this one was right up my street.

Terry and Leonie tied the knot at the charming St John The Baptist Church, in Melton Mowbray. It was an intimate, emotional ceremony, made all the more special by Leonie and her bridesmaids walking there from her childhood home. There were lots of special memories, lots (and lots) of tears. Leonie looked stunning in her boho dress, by Needle & Thread.

So with a mouth full of confetti it was time for a wander home to the festival…

I was so excited to see what Pounderfest would look like, and Terry and Leonie really didn’t disappoint. From the stage to the string lights to the flowers (some lovely displays from Fleurs en Fleur) the vibe was gorgeous, and so chilled.

I think my favourite pictures are the impromptu dress “adjustments” (with scissors!) by the bridesmaids, watched by one very curious cat – so DIY, and it really summed up the festival spirit. Girls, you’d have done Glasto proud!

A mention for the music, too. You can’t have a festival without great bands – and we got three on the day, all fantastic, but special thanks to Beneath The Lights for playing one of Leonie’s all time faves… ‘MMMBop’ by Hanson. I loved it when you got up and started jamming with the bad – fantastic stuff.

What a couple, what a day, and what wonderful memories – thanks for having me guys, and for everyone’s sake, I hope that’s not the last Pounderfest!


Dress:  https://www.needleandthread.com/

Shoes:  https://www.irregularchoice.com/

Flowers: https://www.facebook.com/Fleurs-en-Fleur

Band: https://www.facebook.com/beneaththelights/