Salt and vinegar, pie and mash, fish and chips – some things just work together. You can now officially add Jamaica and Norway to that list!

So, Pete and Davinya (or Dee)… what a couple. He’s tall, striking, and thoroughly Scandinavian. She’s… well, just look at her. She’s adorable. I want to put her in my pocket, and carry her around with me. That smile! Those freckles! They’re both besotted with each other. Pete looks at Dee with joy, love, and a sense of longing that’ll last forever.


So… Colwick Hall is a pretty special venue. Conveniently enough, it also happens to be right on my doorstep – it’s one of my favourite places for long Sunday walks, ideally with a small dog, and followed by a nice roast dinner. The Hall is the jewel of a sprawling woodland estate that dates back to the 1300s, and it once belonged to Lord Byron. Everywhere I go at the moment, there seems to be a famous poet involved!

Whilst Pete and his party were getting ready at the Hall (and trying to figure out how to properly fold a pocket square), Dee got ready at home, with her mum and her bridesmaids. You know that joke, about how many elephants in a Mini? Try that with pretty wedding ladies, in the bride’s childhood bedroom – it was a squeeze, but it was great fun. Cargel (Dee’s mum) even plumped for a red carpet outside, leading to the waiting wedding car – a New York-style yellow cab!

The ceremony was a cracker – chandeliers, billowing blinds, and pouring sunshine. Dee melted everyone’s hearts, as she squeaked and sobbed through her vows. Pete had to dab away a few tears. Most of the front three rows were in bits. Then there was a stroll through the beautiful grounds for the newlyweds, followed by great food, and some very emotional speeches. It really was a perfect afternoon.

In a lovely touch, Pete had also put together a surprise slide-show of photos and videos – it was pictures from their dates, their various adventures, and their engagement in New York. It was super sweet – so grooms, if you’re reading this, start making notes… and give thanks to Pete for the brownie points! Their short life together has already been a fantastic journey, and it only promises to get better.

And as for the evening – my word, do these people know how to party. How do you work off piles of Norway’s best cakes, and gallons of spiced rum? By dancing, of course. The famous old Hall shook to pop, to Motown, to reggae, and to ska… This wasn’t a party to skirt around – at times like this, you’ve got to go big, or go home. I’d like to think the pictures speak for themselves.

And there you have it – Pete and Dee’s wedding. A lovely day, with lovely people. Thenk yuh, and takk skal du ha, and goodnight! Here are just some of my favourite pictures from their day: