I keep hearing about ‘documentary photography’

What is it?

It’s a photography style that’s all about telling the truth, by making people forget the camera – so there’s no posing and nothing cheesy or weird. You won’t see me shouting or being loud and bossing everyone around. Documentary photography is about photographing the day as it happens without interfering.   The most important thing about your wedding is that you get to spend it with the people you love – and that’s what my style let’s you do.

I really don’t like having my picture taken…

Does anyone? I don’t, and I’m a professional photographer!

You’re going to want to look back on your wedding day years down the line and remember what a great time you had. If look through my testimonials, and you’ll see loads of couples who felt the same as you do now – which is why they booked me – they wanted to have a great day and wanted the photographs to show this!

I’m not just going to be your photographer – I’ll be your friend, and someone you can have a laugh with. My couples and I get on really well: this is really important, as you’ll quickly be comfortable with me and my little camera.

Will you stay for the whole day, from start to finish?

If that’s how long you need me for, then yes! I’ll stay for as long as you’ve booked me, and I offer lots of different packages depending on your needs. We can have a chat about what suits you best.

When will I get my wedding photos? I can’t wait to see them.

It’ll take six weeks, maximum. I’ll deliver the finished photos as an online gallery, and you can then download them all from there – it’s really easy to access them.

Shooting your wedding is only half the job – once you’re jetting off on your honeymoon, I’ll be going over every single image to find the very best ones, and then making sure they all look fantastic. I’ll also send you a ‘sneak peek’ preview a couple of days after the wedding so you have a couple to show whilst you’re waiting for the gallery.

How many images do I get? Do I get them all?

You’ll receive a minimum of 350  as standard – but if there’s even more great stuff in there, I’ll make sure you get those too. I don’t deliver every picture I take as naturally there are always ones that are out of focus or don’t work. When editing your pictures I will choose the best edit for the moment – whether that be black and white or colour.

Can I print out my photos for framing?

Yes, and I hope you do! Once you’ve downloaded your favourites from the private gallery I send to you, you can take the digital files to your local processor – somewhere like Boots – or get them printed by a company online.  There is a professional photo-printing service attached to your online gallery so you can easily order prints straight from your gallery.

I keep having nightmares about suppliers not turning up – what happens if you’re ill or something?

I’d have to be very ill, and it’s not happened yet. But if the worse did happen and I couldn’t make it for some reason, please don’t worry – wedding photographers are mates with other wedding photographers, and I’ve got a whole network of professional pals on standby.

Can I have group photographs too?

Yes of course.  Although I concentrate on natural images I am more than happy to photograph some photographs of you and your family members.  I will ask you to give me a list before the wedding. I recommend a small number as otherwise they can take a long time.  I will also take some photographs of the two of you but again this won’t take a long time so that you can spend lots of time with your friends and family.

I love your style – how do we book? Can we chat?

First let’s have a good chat about your wedding and I can answer any questions you might have – either on the phone on Skype, or in person if you’re lucky enough to live in Nottingham. Complete this form here and I’ll get back to you.

Booking is really easy – once I’ve received your £250 deposit and online contract, your date will be booked.