So, the world of online dating is getting evermore niche: we’ve now got Muddy Matches (a dating site for those of us that love the countryside) to thank for getting Jo and Louis together.

I first met the happy couple at Louis’ family home – the stunning Bragborough Estate, on the Northants / Warwickshire border. Odette and Geoff (the owners, and the mother and father of the groom) were so kind and accommodating, and even made me some brownies for our first meeting – yum!  The family estate is their own working farm so it was fantastic to see all the cows, chickens, horses whilst I visited.

The ceremony took place at the local church – the picturesque All Saints, in Braunston. Jo’s aunty brought some gospel fun to Northamptonshire; not only did she officiate the service, but she also turned up with her choir, who were just incredible.

By this point, I’ve seen a lot of ‘Just Married’ cars, buses, motorcycles etc., ferrying the happy couples away from their weddings… but Louis’ mates moved the bar even higher. They unveiled Phippsy’s Birdhide – a tractor-drawn barn / bird-spotting shelter on wheels, which they’d made themselves as a surprise. Great work, boys!

My personal highlight was still to come though, once the day got a little boozier: the groom party serenaded Jo Top Gun-style with ‘You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling’. Hopefully she hasn’t… but if she ever does, at least Louis has his special little book to count on.

Finally, I’d like to thank Simon Atkins, who stepped in to help on the day. I’ve been waiting to come down with the lurgy before a wedding, and it finally happened…Nightmare! Thankfully, I ended up being fine on this lovely sunny day but thank you Simon for all the support, and thank you Jo and Louis for both being so chill (and supportive) 

Great wedding, guys – thanks for having me x