Another trip to Congelton; another perfect summer’s day; another gorgeous wedding!

Beth and Lyndon tied the knot at the beautiful St. Mary’s church. I’d spent the morning with Beth and her bridal party at Freddie’s – the very hairdressers she works at, as a stylist! For once, Beth was able to sit back and relax, as her colleagues went to work. With a new pair of Jimmy Choos and some free-flowing champagne, it was a great start to a wonderful day for the beaming bride.

After the ceremony, we all headed to Eaves Hall – a grand old estate, nestled in the heart of the Ribble Valley. The wedding party took to the Hall’s sprawling gardens – some people went for a stroll, and others played games on the lawn. This sunny outdoor afternoon was then followed by a wonderful meal, some heartfelt speeches, and a first dance that quickly became a first hug – between Beth, Lyndon, and their three young children. A wonderful family, starting the next stage of their lives together.

A great day, and undoubtedly one of the best-dressed weddings I’ve shot! Thanks once more to the award-winning photographer David Stubbs… and thanks also to the Congelton sunshine, for once again being glorious!