Today, I’m remembering Charlotte and Adam’s beautiful wedding — in the gorgeous little Nottinghamshire Village, Langar! In these chilly days we have been having lately, these photos give me happy thoughts of sunny skies and days.

I forget what tier we were all in at this point — there has been so many but we just got in there when you were allowed to have people there. Kudos to Charlotte and Adam for their flexibility, because it’s been a tough time for brides and grooms around the world. This last year has shown us just how flexible we all need to be.

I knew Charlotte and Adam were going to be fun, because they are both skydivers! I guess you really know you love someone when you’re falling out of an aeroplane with them.


Langar — the place Charlotte and Adam call home — is a beautiful little village to the southeast of Nottingham. It’s full of cute little pubs, parks and churches (plus very nearby all the parachutists whirling around in the sky) and it felt like Charlotte and Adam really made the most of the whole village’s nooks and crannies. It really was the perfect place for a relaxed wedding, everything was walkable and pretty.

Charlotte spent the morning with her friends and family in a cute little cottage, just a short walk from St Andrew’s church. I love these photos, it was a great chance for everyone to just chill out before the day. I was so pleased when Charlotte told me that she was walking to the church – I love these kind of natural images. Her friends got to wave her hi on the way to the church which was so lovely to photograph.

After the ceremony we headed off to one of Langar’s beautiful pubs for the reception. The weather was great, so we gathered in the beer garden for drinks, speeches, and some (socially distanced) fun.


In the morning, I spotted the most adorable little garden across from the cottage and conviently just around the corner from the reception. I especially like their couple’s shoot in the park — the light was soft and perfect, and the pair of them look so peaceful and happy together sitting on that swing.

Like all my wedding pals, we are so all looking forward to getting back to photographing weddings when the world allows. Until them we can all look forward to the sunshine which will always return. Thanks to Adam and Charlotte and their lovely family for booking me. I had a great time photographing your day.